Day 4 | 29 October 2023


10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Venues throughout the Mehrangarh Museum
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Discover the myriad hues of the traditional dance forms of Rajasthan, reflecting its distinctive root traditions, some popular and some rare, including: Chang Nritya– a charming, captivating dance, with men swaying and grooving while playing a round frame-drum called changTeraah Taali – known for agility and grace, where women move to and produce the reverberating sounds of teraah i.e. thirteen little cymbals or manjira that are fastened to their waist, wrists, elbows, and hands, simultaneously showcasing their skills of movement, balance and concentration; Mashak – the strains of Rajasthan’s own bagpipe, unique to certain regions, particularly Mewat.
As you wander through the Mehrangarh Museum in the fort, taste these wonderful flavours of Rajasthan rarely seen, with the Chang, Derun, Teraah Taali, Mashak and Gair.


5:30 AM to 7:30 AM
Jaswant Thada
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Mahesh Vinayakram’s Carnatic vocals
Hailing from a glorious musical lineage, Mahesh Vinayakram is an indispensable member of Parampara, a Jodhpur RIFF project that was instrumental in putting some of India’s most ancient and traditional music on the global radar. As the son of Vikku Vinayakram, better known as the God of Ghatam, it is no small feat that Mahesh has built a name for himself worthy of special mention. The first male singer to be ever cast in a Cirque du Soleil performance and a UNESCO Millennium award-winner, Mahesh has worked alongside many musical legends, including Ustad Zakir Hussain, Steve Smith, Talvin Singh and A R Rahman. With more than 125 singles to his credit, Mahesh awakens any stage he performs in, with vocal chops like none other.
Set against the backdrop of yet another beautiful sunrise in Jodhpur’s Jaswant Thada, this dawn performance promises to be an unmissable live experience!


9.00 AM to 10.30 AM
Chokelao Bagh
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Ghoomer is derived from the Hindi word ‘ghoom’ which literally means ‘to twirl’. A popular dance form, as the name signifies, the chief movement of this form is pirouetting. The footwork and hand movements are always in synchronisation with this spinning motion. Ghoomer is conventionally performed by women in groups, who wear colourful, mirror-embedded ghaghra (flowing skirts) and cover their faces with a matching-coloured veil. The coordinated movement accompanied by the haunting music of Rajasthan’s folk musical instruments, this dance form is vivid and surreal. The fantastic Asha Sapera, kalbeliya dancer conducts the session.

Jodhpur RIFF presents rustic dance ‘bootcamps’, facilitated by noted practitioners and trainers. Short, intense, and rigorous, these camps will give participants an experiential insight into the movements and practice of traditional dance forms.
Please Note:
This is the one-and-only, stand-alone session.
Please wear/ bring appropriate and comfortable clothing that allows free movement such as T-shirts, long/ loose shirts or blouses, tights, loose track or harem pants or long skirts.
Do carry your own rehydration and drying material. Be prepared to sweat! It is a boot camp!!



4.30 PM to 5.45 PM
Chokelao Bagh
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Khooni Vaisakhi by Harpreet followed by a discussion with publisher and Navdeep Suri
Harpreet’s haunting rendition of Khooni Vaisakhi brings alive those feelings, oft forgotten, that shaped the history of India as a nation. Acclaimed for his musical renditions of humanist and politically charged poetry, Harpreet’s art is an ethereal blend of the best of both worlds. He also performs original compositions in several regional Indian languages including Punjabi, Urdu, Haryanvi and Rajastani.
The performance will be followed by a discussion with Harpreet and Navdeep Suri, respected Indian diplomat, translator of the original Khooni Vaisakhi from Punjabi to English and the poet Nanak Singh’s own grandson.
Khooni Vaisakhi was originally written in 1919 by poet Nanak Singh based on one of the darkest chapters of Indian history and independence struggle. The poet, then 22, was at the Jallianwala Bagh massacre, where the British opened fire on the hundreds of innocent people gathered to celebrate the spring festival Vaisakhi. Nanak Singh barely escaped with his life, carted away unconscious alongside corpses, and lived to tell the tale. Today, more than a 100 years later, to witness this powerful poem brought back to life in Harpreet’s voice would be an experience that can’t be easily forgotten.


6.00 PM to 7:00 PM
Dhanna Bhiyan Chhatri (TBC)
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‘Kohinoor’ Bundu Khan Langa, a pioneer of the khartal in the Langa community, is a khartal player par excellence. He began his musical journey at the age of 8 under the tutelage of Ustad Sadik Khan Manganiyar. With years of dedication and practice, his skill with the khartal reached exceptional heights. He was nicknamed ‘Kohinoor’ by none other than the late Queen Elizabeth II of England, a testament to the remarkable impact his performance has had on the global audience. After many years and numerous performances in India and overseas, over time, he slowly started to withdraw from the stage and semi-retired from public appearances. But Bundu Khan Langa’s talent and passion for this traditional instrument made him a much-loved teacher with many, many students. Jodhpur RIFF acknowledges his role and life in the music annals of Rajasthan. As testament to his capability, ‘Kohinoor’ Bundu Khan shares the stage with his son Zakir and colleague Bhanwaroo, to wow us with his mastery and his ability to captivate audiences with his rhythmic prowess.

Bade Ghazi Khan Manganiyar is a highly acclaimed vocalist hailing from the village of Harwa in Barmer district. He is known for his mesmerising renditions of traditional songs that have been passed down through generations within the Manganiyar community. His soulful voice and mastery of various traditional compositions in Sorath & Khamaiti, have earned him immense respect and recognition. In recognition of his immense contribution to Rajasthani folk music, Bade Ghazi Khan Manganiyar was honoured with the prestigious Marwar Ratna Award. This award is a testament to his dedication and talent, as well as his efforts in preserving and promoting the cultural legacy of the Manganiyar community. Not surprisingly, he is one of the creators of the modern film song, Nimbooda Nimbooda, inspired from the original traditional folk composition.

Both Bade Ghazi Khan Manganiyar and ‘Kohinoor’ Bundu Langa continue to inspire younger artists and captivate audiences with their enchanting performances, keeping the rich traditions of Rajasthani folk music alive.


7:30 PM onwards
Old Zenana Courtyard
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Led by the legendary percussionist Vidwan T. H Vinayakram, fondly known as Vikku ji, or otherwise, the God of Ghatam, Parampara is a rare project that is a nation’s cultural treasure as much as it is a family’s legacy. It is a Carnatic music set that is both highly meditative and yet trance-like. Ghatam, an earthen pot that is one of the most ancient percussion instruments of India, takes centre stage, accompanied by steadily rising rapid rhythmic beats on konnakol, the kanjira and the mridangam.
First presented in part on the Jodhpur RIFF stage in 2019, this year Vikku ji performs with his elder son Selvaganesh (kanjira), his younger son Mahesh Vinayakram (vocals and konnakol), grandsons Swaminathan (kanjira) and Guruprasad (vocals), and granddaughter Guru Priya (vocals).
Vikku ji, who put the ghatam on the global map, has been performing for over 65 years now, and has been a recipient of the Padma Shri and Padma Bhushan and a Grammy (America’s primary, peer-recognised music industry award). He has also worked alongside some of the most respected names in Indian Carnatic and international music, including the great Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavathar and MS Subbulakshmi, and is a key part of the legendary supergroup Shakti with Zakir Hussain and John McLaughlin. Like his father, Selvaganesh has played alongside numerous illustrious musicians and has also been a part of Remembering Shakti. But is better known globally for putting the seemingly little frame drum kanjira, on the national and international map

The Cool Desert Project
Original moods, bluesy riffs, desert vibes, off-beat dance grooves… a whole lot of cool attitude flows from this unique collaboration that brings together young masters from Mumbai’s jazz scene and Rajasthani folk traditions. Rhys Sebastian’s saxophone comes together with SAZ – with Asin Khan’s exquisite sarangi, Sadiq’s dholak and incredible khartal, along with supporting vocals of Zakir . The end result is an all- blending symphony that evokes a languid landscape and yet is on-point, setting a now-and-urgent, upbeat musical experience. This collaboration is completed with the young and vibrant Vaibhav Wavikar on drums, keyboardist Rahul Wadhwani and ace bassist Ralph Menezes.
The Cool Desert Project is a Jodhpur RIFF commission.

Interlude: Khartal
Jodhpur RIFF presents a performance featuring some of the best young folk khartal players from Rajasthan. Led by Khete Khan Manganiyar, Rajasthan’s leading khartal instrumentalist, this display is an outcome of a series of masterclasses for young musicians, supported by the festival.

Miroca Paris
Miroca plays like he was born for the stage. Having toured with internationally acclaimed artists including the likes of the Barefoot Diva, Cesaria Evora and Madonna for over two decades, his magnetic stage presence has enraptured crowds all around the world. This singer, Island rhythm innovator and multi-instrumentalist, routinely shifts between the guitar, drums, cavaquinho, and several other traditional Cape Verdean instruments. Despite their varied natures, they all truly come to life in his hands. Miroca’s original music takes much inspiration from the festive, upbeat tunes of island music and is very joyful to listen to.
India Premiere

Alif, the first letter of the Arabic Urdu script, signifying oneness, the mystical and the unseen. These are some of the interpretations the band brings forth in their poetry and sound. Based in Pune and founded by Mohammed Muneem, this is a band that brings lived experience to the stage. Alif’s poetry and music is relevant and bold. When masterfully blended with Alif’s distinctive genre-defying contemporary and ethnic sound, the experience is profound. Deeply influenced by the folk music of Kashmir, Alif has a truly authentic and original sound that both soothes and haunts the listener.  Winner of numerous awards (IRRA award “Best Music Production” for Like a Sufi; Winner of the Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival 2018’s “Best Music Video” for Lalnawath; Best Folk Song IIMA Award for his song Ride Home with Noor Mohammad), Alif is an experience that both stirs and stills the soul- and ultimately, sets you free.


11:45 PM onwards
Old Zenana Courtyard
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Greg Sheehan with Miroca Paris and Rhys Sebastian
RIFF Rustle
is our largest, impromptu collaboration performance that concludes the festival’s night-time revelries. Every year, the festival appoints one musician as a ‘rustler’, who then rustles up other musicians from the festival to participate in this performance in pairs or quartets or all together.

Since we had so many great percussionists this year, we decided to have three collaborating rustlers for the first time ever – Greg Sheehan, acclaimed performer and  producer with over 40 years of creating percussion projects and rhythms; Miroca Paris, ace percussionist and a composer who produces his music from the rhythm up, not from lyrics or a melody, but from the story he wants to tell; the young, highly skilled and accomplished saxophonist and producer (and our rustler in 2022) Rhys Sebastian. All three will work together to gather musicians at the festival to come and jam with each other while collaborating with the Dhol Tasha, the Dhol Drummers, khartal and dholak masters and other Rajasthani musicians.

Who’s to say what can happen when they all get together!