Day 2 | 27 October 2023


5:30 AM to 7:30 AM
Jaswant Thada (outside Mehrangarh Fort)
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Every year, the Meghwals of Marwar herald in the dawn at Jodhpur RIFF. Under the first light of the rising sun on a cool, serene morning, the melodic drone of the tandura, the beat of the jhanjh/ manjira (small-paired cymbals) and the rhythm of the dholak create the mood for the meditative strains of the bhajan (literally, ‘to revere, also to share’) of the Meghwal community. Traditionally weavers, Meghwals are not only known for their contribution to embroidery and the textile industry, but also for the rich folklore they nurture. In keeping with the tradition, this year too, Bhallu Ram ji and Mala Ram ji Meghwal begin our first dawn concert with their masterful vocals. Right afterwards, with different but equally soulful vocals, Jalal and Barkat Manganiyar take the stage. Like their bond as brothers, the synergy in their musicianship is equally endearing as they sing their spiritual songs, traditionally sung for their patrons, the Paliwal Brahmins.


10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Venues throughout the Mehrangarh Museum
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Discover the myriad hues of the traditional dance forms of Rajasthan, reflecting its distinctive root traditions, some popular and some rare, including: Chang Nritya– a charming, captivating dance, with men swaying and grooving while playing a round frame-drum called changTeraah Taali – known for agility and grace, where women move to and produce the reverberating sounds of teraah i.e. thirteen little cymbals or manjira that are fastened to their waist, wrists, elbows, and hands, simultaneously showcasing their skills of movement, balance and concentration; Mashak – the strains of Rajasthan’s own bagpipe, unique to certain regions, particularly Mewat.
As you wander through the Mehrangarh Museum in the fort, taste these wonderful flavours of Rajasthan rarely seen, with the Chang, Derun, Teraah Taali, Mashak and Gair.


5.30 PM to 6:45 PM
Chokelao Bagh
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Last year, Jodhpur RIFF presented its first Indie Roots afternoon, an occasion for young, city-based, independent singers and songwriters connected to traditional roots. This is a stage to share their work with Jodhpur RIFF audiences and artists alike. This year, we bring in our first dance evening featuring two young dancers from differing traditions. Drawing inspiration from Tamil poet-saint Andal’s devotional poem exploring Narasimha: the fierce Hindu deity associated with the liminal and the in-between, Raina Peterson’s ‘Narasimha – ManLion’ combines blood and honey, flowers and entrails. Peterson draws on their training in classical Indian dance (mohiniyattam) to create a work which oscillates between the violence of Narasimha’s imagery and the sensuality of Andal’s poetry. An award-winning dancer-choreographer of Fiji-Indian-English heritage, born and raised on the lands of the Gunaikurnai people, Raina creates moving experimental dance works that respect and challenge traditional and contemporary dance. With a substantial body of new work Raina‘s works are critically acclaimed for their subversive and visceral approach to exploring the diasporic experience, cultural identity, gender diversity and sexuality. Raina shares the stage with Marco Cher-Gibard, award-winning musician known for his theatrical collaborations and solo works exploring live sampling, electronics, home-based software, and a not-so-usual guitar.
Then the Mumbai-based exemplary Kathak dancer Tarini Tripathi and young masters of the Langa tradition – SAZpresent their first and hitherto untitled collaboration – bringing two traditions together in a unique jugalbandi. Almost always performed to Hindustani/ classical instruments such as the tabla, here, Tarini performs her freshly choreographed pieces completely tuned to select, traditional percussion and songs of the Langa community, rendered by Sadiq Khan’s masterful dholak, Asin Khan’s powerful vocals and his Sindhi Sarangi (recipient of the Aga Khan Music Award 2020-22; Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar 2022), and Zakir Khan’s amazing khartal. SAZ, soon to release their first album, are a young trio committed to the continuity of their tradition, while writing new songs and developing new work in collaboration with artists from across the world. As a former athlete and fitness professional, Tarini sees a synergy between movement and energy. For her, dance is a dynamic extension of one’s being, where we express what we are afraid to do in routine life. Recently bestowed with the ‘Nritya Nipun’ from Nalanda Dance Research Centre, Tarini is recipient of the Best Dancer Award at PECDA 2022. She is also the Co-Director, Principal Dancer, and faculty at Amara Nritya Kala Hansa. Tarini has performed extensively in India and the UK, under the guidance of her mother, acclaimed dancer, and choreographer Gauri Sharma Tripathi, and her grandmother, the incredible Smt. Padma Sharma.

This untitled collaboration is a Jodhpur RIFF commission.


7:30 PM onwards
Zenana Courtyard
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Manganiyar of Marwar – Kamaicha Charm
The Manganiyar of Marwar is an annual special performance by the artists of the community, dedicated to the late Sakhar Khan Manganiyar, doyen of their musical traditions, custodian of their traditions and teacher par-excellence.  This year, we focus on the particularity of their string instrument, the Kamaicha, unique to their community, and performed by some of their very best artists, in an expression of the desert like none other. The performers include both senior and young masters of the tradition, led by Sakhar ji’s sons Ghevar Khan and brother Darre Khan from Hamira, accompanied Roshan Khan, Kode Khan and many others – all superb musicians, supported by the master of the Rajasthani dholak Feroze (also Sakhar ji’s son).

Suonno D’Ajere
This Napolitan musical trio of Irene Scarpato, Marcello Smigliante Gentile and Gian Marco Libeccio blend bold vocals with classical guitar and the mandolin. The result is a dynamic, yet serene sound, fresh and ancient at the same time. Suonno D’ajere borrows its name from Pino Daniele’s 1977 song title that translates to The Dream of Yesterday. True to the name, their music, drawing freely from jazz and the blues, evokes great nostalgia of the traditional, classical Napolitan song traditions. Watching them onstage feels quite like travelling back in time. Their performance combines the dynamic energy of the live stage with the timeless beauty of classical music, never failing to leave the audience wishing for more.
India Premiere

Jasser Haj Youssef
We are excited to present a truly wonderful, world musician, who brings a stupendous solo set on his chosen violins to the Jodhpur RIFF stage. Young composer, musicologist, teacher, conductor, and master of the baroque viola d’amore, violinist Jasser Haj Youssef is one of the world’s leading young musicians and virtuoso performers. Be it directing the Chamber Orchestra of Paris, or accompanying the fantastic Youssou N’Dour, Jasser’s compositions are regularly performed by the leading orchestras of the Mediterranean to Europe – from Tunisia to Paris. A consummate fusionist as well, Jasser is equally at home in Jazz, as he is in maqam or in western classical music. Co-author of SIRA… Le Jazz et l’Orient, Jasser is also one of the master musicians of the Aga Khan Music Program.
India Premiere (solo)

Barnali Chattopadhyay
Acclaimed Hindustani vocalist, Barnali Chattopadhyay brings among other things, a rare treat to Jodhpur RIFF – the Banarasi Mand. Based on the mand of Rajasthan or Raag Mand, the Banarasi Mand is best exemplified by moods of birha (sorrow) and shringar (beauty/ love) ras. A well-known name in the thumri tradition, Barnali ji is a specialist of this style of mand, her highly expressive voice invoking a sense of great love and reverence for the themes of her music. Barnali’s music is deeply rooted to the historic river city of Banaras, and ties together the aspects of devotion, awe and beauty often attributed to the city. Having received much of her guidance from the legendary Padma Vibhushan Girija Devi, her learning was also shaped and developed by the musicologist Dr. Kumar Prasad Mukhopadhyay (Agra Gharana), Vidushi Purnima Chaudhari and the thumri queen Shobha Gurtu. She is a veteran vocalist at All India Radio and Dordarshan and is soon to be heard as the lead vocalist in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Netflix series Heeramandi.


Midnight onwards
Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park (adjacent to lower car park of Mehrangarh Fort)
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Ek raat khaas lok kalakaaron ke saath…
Jodhpur RIFF presents a special Desert Lounge in the Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park. An all-acoustic experience with the senior and young masters of songs and the amazing instrumentalists of the Sindhi Sarangi – musicians of the Langa tradition lead by Sardar Khan and Asin Langa; fabulous voices of the Manganiyar tradition featuring Dayam Khan Manganiyar; women folk singers Ganga and Sundar Devi and the remarkable Sumitra Devi among others. This experience is as rustic as you can get, sans electricity, surrounded by nature, against the backdrop of the legendary Mehrangarh fort.

As the music is acoustic (non-amplified) and the space is intimate, seating is on a first-come-first-serve basis. The slightest noise distracts fellow audience members and makes it hard to listen to the performers. We would greatly appreciate it if the audience refrained from chatting and speaking during the performance or while waiting to be seated.
Please note: The meeting point for the Desert Lounge for all audiences is in the Mehrangarh Fort lower car park or at the entrance to the Rao Jodha Park, after 11.50pm. The walk to and from the performance space is approximately 10 minutes from the lower car park so please wear comfortable walking shoes! Please carry something warm (as it could get chilly); only water and hot drinks & light snacks will be available. Please be aware of the risks involved, as there is always a probability of a rare and unexpected encounter related to the wildlife at Rao Jodha Park i.e., insects, reptiles, animals etc.